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Maharaja Jaswant Singh II Ruler of Jodhpur, Marwar from 1876-1895 A.D is remembered as a benevolent Monarch who steered the administration and economy of the state away from chaos and instability to a period of sustained development, security and justice for all. Amongst the prominent civil servants in this Ruler’s coterie of administrators, was a young Charan by the name of Kaviraj Muraridanji. He was an astute politician and a farsighted administrator. In 1894 Kaviraj Muraridanji received in Jagir the little known hamlet of Chanwa. There he build an exquisite little fortified haveli, today known as Heritage Hotel Fort Chanwa. In 1941, however the village of Chanwa became “Khalsa” (belonging to the State) as, ironically Muraridanji fell victim to a law introduced by him in the best interest of Marwar, whereby feudal estates lacking a male successor and without a recognized adoption in the life time of the deceased Jagirdar were automatically resumed by the state, after his death. In the year 1948 Chanwa was granted in “Jagir” to Maharaj Dalip Singh, the youngest son of Maharaja Umaid Singh. However over the years the fortress sank into years of neglect and decay.


Heritage Room

The Heritage Rooms at Fort Chanwa. Luni, represent a timeless Rajasthan. Our most authenticly decorated suites are the Heritage Suites, located in the original 18th-century Rajput haveli.  Whilst preserving the old-world charm, these suites are equipped with all modern amenities to create a luxurious blend of historic and contemporary.

Deluxe Room

Spacious and luxurious, these rooms are intended for comfort and relaxation. These appealing rooms radiate the same charm that is predominant throughout the Hotel.

Garden Rooms

Each of the Garden Rooms combine historic charm and modern-day luxury in its design. Their view and interior design is modeled on natural forms and floral patterns, the Garden Rooms offer a memorable and relaxing stay.


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